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    ...Definitely one of the best Thai Massage you will ever have...


    Message: While holidaying in Port Douglas I took the opportunity to visit

    Mai Thai Massages and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

    The experience left me refreshed and ready for the next part of our adventure.

    Date: 06/07/2014 07:08:47

    Name: Renee

    Message: After spending a couple of days in Port Douglas  this massage was the best we\'ve ever had!
    A very welcoming team and nice environment who accommodated our booking quickly.
    Thank you very much!

    Date: 06/08/2014 12:05:24
    Name: Tahlia
    Publish Permission: Yes
    Message: Thank you Mai for the most wonderful massages during my stay in Port Douglas. I arrived with quiet serious back pain and you managed to treat the problem so I could enjoy my holiday. I cant recommend you highly enough! Thank you again.

    Date: 16/08/2014 20:50:08
    Name: Gabi
    Publish Permission: Yes
    Message: I cannot recommend Mai highly enough!! I have tried various styles of massage during my extended stay in Port Douglas - hot stone for relaxation, traditional for remedial reasons, Thai massage for body activation - every single experience has been amazing and every time I walk out of Mai Thai Massage I feel like a new person.

    Thank you Mai … you are truly a master of massage!! :)

    Date: 07/11/2014 19:56:10
    Name: David
    Publish Permission: Yes
    Message: After travelling up to Port Douglas from the south coast of New
    South Wales I had a massage, and at Mai Thai Massage, the experience  was
    great. After a couple of days I had to have another massage, it relaxed the
    muscles and I was ready for another tropical day.
    The service was nothing but Professional

    Date: 08/09/2015 02:58:28
    Name: James
    Publish Permission: Yes
    Message: the best in Port Douglas! Over 10years of being treated.

    Date: 12/11/2017 03:08:16
    Name: Lisa Hann
    Publish Permission: Yes
    Message: The massage was absolutely amazing!! That would be the best massage I have ever had. I will definatly come back again when I'm visiting next.  Thankyou!!


    Date: 25/03/2018 07:34:03
    Name: Kendra Dunn
    Publish Permission: Yes
    Message: Mai Thai Massage in Port Douglas was THE BEST massage I have ever received in my life time. I almost left in happy tears. I didn’t tell my massage therapist what hurt/bothers me on my body, she just figured it out as she went and paid special attention to those areas. I suffer from chronic back pain, incredibly tense hamstrings, and tight hips; all of which were feeling relieved by the time she finished my Swedish 1 hour massage. After the massage, the sweet woman even offered water, tea or coffee and shared a bit about herself as well as about the area. I have never written a review before, but for this place I just absolutely had to. GO HERE FOR A LIFE CHANGING MASSAGE!


    Date: 30/03/2018 03:19:10
    Name: Michael
    Publish Permission: Yes
    Message: Easily the best massage I’ve had, not only at Port Douglass but for all time.
    Went back the very next day as the first left me feeling really good. The soreness and stiffness was almost gone.
    The price for what you get is exceptional value.
    I can not recommend this premises enough.

    Thank you Tuk, you are a master at your craft.


    Date: 21/08/2018 23:56:11
    Name: Mr Mark Beaton
    Publish Permission: Yes
    Message: Had a 1 hour Thai deep tissue massage and have never felt better afterward...
    Amazing and highly recommended ..
    We’ll be back again.


    Date: 05/05/2019 03:23:09
    Name: Bec Fraser
    Publish Permission: Yes

    Message: The most amazing Foot Reflexology I have ever had.

    I am balanced and re-energized. Thank you so very much Kate